Edward Fitzgerald / Architects renovated an existing 1,700 square foot office building on the edge of Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2000.  At the time the neighborhood was suffering from run-down buildings, indigent motels and crime.  Since 2000 many of the motels have been razed and there has been an overall rejuvenation of the area lead by commercial and residential redevelopment. The existing building was totally gutted, exposing steel bar joist trusses with a wooden deck.  The floors were cleaned to the original concrete.  A minimum of new walls were installed creating an open studio, conference area and storage.  The walls terminate below the bar joist to create a continuous uninterrupted ceiling plane.  The existing storefront glazing was modified to create indirect light and privacy from the street.  Subtle shifts in wall planes were designed to soften the rectangular lines of the geometry and create a sense of a larger whole.  The exterior street façade was clad with rusted corrugated metal siding accented with a triangular steel canopy.