STONE AGE CLIMBING GYM / AIA Albuquerque 2014 Merit Design Award / AIA New Mexico 2015 Merit Design Award
The Stone Age Climbing Gym is a 24,000 sf facility dedicated to indoor rock climbing, yoga, weight training and aerobics.  The new facility added a 4,700 sf, 45' tall building to two existing metal buildings in the Albuquerque mid-town area.  The facility includes world class lead wall and top rope climbing, bouldering, exercise areas and retail. The challenge of this project was to re-purpose the existing buildings and integrate a new 45’ tall climbing area on a tight site in an industrial commercial zone.  The solution was to infill between the two existing buildings and join them together with an entrance canopy that accommodates the gyms mechanical system and handicap parking. The aesthetic for the new facility draws from the existing metal building shells with simple geometry that create overlapping volumes. The design team chose to re-use as much of the existing buildings as possible, creating an industrial collage.