Architecture expresses the cultural values of people and their communities; integrates its design with the natural and man-made landscapes in a profound way to reflect its culture with dignity.  It is the philosophy of Edward Fitzgerald / Architects to create architecture that assimilates culture into the physical landscape, creating public and private places that integrate human interaction with work, recreation and contemplation. 



The Studio of Edward Fitzgerald / Architects was created in 1987. It is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The award winning, design studio is committed to the exploration of architecture as it relates to site, culture, technology, and program.  The Studio environment encourages collaboration between client, architect and contractor.  Commitment to innovation is demonstrated in our designs that include Restaurants, Schools, Art Galleries, Office Buildings, Retail, and Residential.

Edward Fitzgerald / Architects maintains a staff of one Registered Architect,one Associates and two to three Intern Architects depending on the work load.  EDWARD FITZGERALD AIA graduated from the University of Notre Dame and is the principal architect in charge of design with over 35 years of experience, including five years teaching design at the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning. The Associates are: JORDAN FITZGERALD, who has worked with the studio since 2015.

Edward Fitzgerald / Architects has been practicing architecture in New Mexico since 1986.  Recent projects include: Truman Middle School, Abq., NM; Stone Age Climbing Gym, Cutler Ave, Abq., NM: and Oblio House, Cedar Crest, NM.

Other projects include: T Mobile Café, Abq., NM; Rebar, Restaurant & Bar, Abq., NM; The Flying Star Restaurants, Abq. & Santa Fe, NM; the Gold Street Café, Abq., NM; The Satellite Café on University Blvd. & Central Ave., Abq., NM; custom residences in Abq, Santa Fe, and Taos, NM; Tuba City Boarding School, Tuba City, AZ with Sinkpe Studio; the campus masterplan, design for the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM with Sinkpe Studio; and the Nazlini Elementary Boarding School, Nazlini, AZ with Sinkpe Studio.