FLYING STAR CAFE/ CENTRAL / New Mexico AIA, 1999 Design Award

The most recent renovation of the Flying Star Cafe on Central Avenue in Albuquerque completed ten years of renovation by Edward Fitzgerald / Architects..  The phased development included dining expansion, kitchen, cooking line, bakery and retail store.  Because the work was designed and built at different times it was important to anticipate the next move and tie the separate pieces together.  Each phase of the work attempted to lure the customer from one favorite area of the restaurant to a new one.  This was accomplished by creating open site lines, dynamic diagonal organization and a sense of discovery and adventure. 

The final phase called for the addition of coffee roasting and dining.  Inspired by the linear movement along Central Avenue, the steel and glass roastery wall became a fractured composition of light and object. The use of ribbed, sandblasted, wire, colored and clear glazing creates flashes of color and reflections similar to the traffic moving up and down Central Ave..  Order, movement and invention combine to complete this renovation.