The design for the Flying Star Café on Silver Street in Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico was completed in 2005.  The project was an adaptive re-use of the Southern Union Gas Company Building originally designed by John Gaw Meem.  The existing building, eligible at the time for the National Register of Historic Places, was designed by Meem in 1949 in the International style. 
Strict restrictions were in place for the design parameters of the 8700 square foot building.  The New Flying Star was designed to respect these parameters and infuse a new life into the aging structure.  Relying on the strengths of the original design, the design sought to return the building to its original design and open the two story spaces up to each other as much as possible.  The main two story space was used for the new dining room and service counter.  The rear area under the second floor was designed to be kitchen with a narrow area running along the street façade for exposition counter and seating.  The second floor was designed to include restrooms, balcony dining and meeting rooms.  The majority of the new construction consisted of floating ceilings, dramatic lighting and rich toned finishes.