Nazlini Elementary Boarding School is located in Nazlini, Arizona south of Canyon de Chelly.  The natural beauty of this site offered an opportunity to design with the existing natural landforms.  From the beginning the design team envisioned a school design that accomplished more than the original BIA program. The BIA program called for new buildings to replace the existing day school.  The BIA Master Plan called for these new buildings to be positioned along a vehicle circulation road.  After analyzing the school and its site, the design team proposed making major modifications that combined new buildings with existing buildings to create a central courtyard oriented toward an adjacent mesa.  The combined buildings include: 20,000 sf combined classrooms, library and multi-purpose gym; 5,400 sf dormitory building; existing special use / art building and fire station / maintenance building.  The buildings are organized around the central courtyard with a diagonal axis that cuts from the main entrance through the library creating a strong visual link.  Covered walkways link the dormitory and existing buildings to the new classroom / library / gymnasium building.